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Improving processes
to provide better data
leading to better decisions.
IT can be simple.

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Creating value by
eliminating the frustrations
preventing you from success.

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Improving our community by
making a genuine personal impact.

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Let Data Drive

We make your data work for you, so you can make better decisions. At eimagine, we provide you with the data to make better decisions about your business, your people and your processes. Being smart about using data isn’t just something we do, it’s something that is in our DNA.

Here's How

Build Our Team

We’ve got a culture of employee engagement and improvement. We accept our employees for who they are. Whether they love Batman or Superman, Football or Futbal, Beer or Wine. We welcome all at eimagine, our only requirements: be prepared to learn, be prepared to fail.

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Meet Chava

eimagine’s platform as service product, Chava, will have you transforming your business through employee engagement, encouragement, and empowerment.  Looking for one place for messaging, rewards tracking and empowerment tools?  Then meet Chava.

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To understand your story, we go beyond the collection and mental download of your data.  We ask tough questions, and fully immerse ourselves in your team’s day-to-day activities.


Like a new addition on your team, we assess what we’ve gathered and pose solutions to streamline operations.


Not only do we make implementation easy, we also provide continued support long after you’ve become a well-oiled machine.


Our blog contains articles written by the certified professionals on our team, and can be a great source of knowledge! This is just a sample of our recent entries.

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Exchange Domain Migration Automation

eimagine recently underwent a rebranding which included changing our domain from to Normally this would require clicking through a multitude of menus and screens, but this can all be conveniently accomplished with Powershell. Fortunately our... read more

Join Our Team

Are you a motivated, forward-thinking technology professional looking for the right place to work? Look no further than our open job descriptions! We’re always looking to add talented programmers, managers and more to our team!

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