Meet Laura Bennett

Project Manager

Laura Bennett Laura Bennett, serving within the Project Management Office as a project manager, is an extremely valuable member of Team eimagine. She wears many hats in diverse projects and has key responsibilities within the federal, state, and commercial spheres of eimagine.

Laura started her career in IT as a developer, which gives her valuable insight and knowledge in that arena. This allows her to fully bridge the gap between technical and business related constraints, needs and goals. In addition, because of Laura’s very detailed-oriented nature, she has a special talent for testing applications to ensure they meet client needs and expectations during development and before delivery. These technical skills perfectly round out Laura’s talents and abilities as a project manager within the information technology industry.

Working closely with developers and other relevant team members, Laura participates in sales support to welcome new clients and interviewing and screening perspective team members. She also allocates available resources to projects, assigning tasks to just the right people for the job at hand.

Laura’s favorite part about project management at eimagine is working with the close-knit group here. The culture fosters team spirit and a willingness to get involved both inside and outside the company. Team spirit is very strong at eimagine and that engenders a feeling of community within the entire company. Laura notes that turnover in the IT industry on the whole is fairly high, but yet there are quite a few people at eimagine who’ve pushed passed the decade mark. This gives people time to know and appreciate each other even more, allowing the company in general and PMO in particular to play up people’s strengths and shore up or compliment other areas as needed.

Laura has many success stories but her favorite involved working with Riley Hospital for Children, located in downtown Indianapolis. The team created an app designed to work on tablets that demystified a child’s upcoming hospital visit and treatment, right down to the lighting of their room. Laura played a key role in this project’s success providing QA testing of the product. Laura has a lot of pride knowing that her efforts and those of other team members were key in brightening the lives of so many children who were scared of what was to come next.

Laura graduated from Purdue University with an undergraduate in computer graphics technology. Her graduate school studies included IT project management, which provided the perfect base for her transition into her project management role at eimagine.

In her spare time, Laura likes to go biking on the Monon Trail, working on the Agile Games Meetup at eimagine, and participating in local conferences through Agile Indy.


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