Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Advanced Lookups with Scribe

Scribe Insight has several built in functions to find lookup values that allow you to find a lookup based on one or two unique values.  This is great when you have a lookup that can be resolved by just the name, or by a code or if you have two fields that when...

Basic Lookups with Scribe Insight

Scribe Insight is a great tool for moving data between systems, especially CRM.  Mapping data between text, numeric, and date fields is a pretty straightforward process, especially when there’s no cleansing of data needed.  Just map the source field to the...

eimagine has staff certified and experienced in using Scribe to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Scribe is an established global provider of solutions that easily brings customer data anywhere it’s needed. Scribe’s products help their 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners use customer data to increase revenue, provide superior service and create business value faster.

Integration for simplification

We use Scribe to help companies streamline their data by integrating multiple systems. We can help simplify connect your company’s departments and functions by connecting them throughout your organization.

Scribe can be used with both single and bi-directional integration. It is often utilized alongside Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, as well as SQL and custom databases. Scribe is an unlimited enterprise application that can be used to simply link two databases, or can be utilized in complicated connections such as billing systems.

Hybrid environment

Scribe functions in a hybrid environment – both in the cloud and on your local systems. We currently work with businesses including municipalities, e-commerce and distribution companies, consumer goods and healthcare organizations to help them solve their pain points connecting different people across different parts of a single system. If you have people working at different physical locations, Scribe can help them all access the same customer and account data across the board, ensuring accuracy and centralizing information.

What can Scribe do for you?

To learn more about how Scribe can integrate with your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation, contact us! We’d be happy to show you how to get the most out of your CRM.