Government Solutions

Solving complex government resource management challenges

eimagine works to develop government software solutions that help streamline operations and manage resources more efficiently.

Solving complex government resource management challenges

eimagine delivers functional and technical solutions that:

  1. Enable operational views into organizations to provide better decision-making capabilities
  2. Remove stove-pipe data constraints allowing visibility, accessibility and transparency within and across organizations
  3. Help organizations optimize data, processes and systems

In three core areas:


  • Allocate financial resources to manpower and equipment
  • Manage budgets and budget approval processes
  • Develop dashboards with macro-to detail-level views
  • Interface to systems allowing entry and tracking of obligations


  • Manage civilian and military personnel
  • Track resources by rank, grade, salary and deployment
  • Re-allocate resources in real-time
  • Comply with hiring and employment regulations


  • Proactively monitor equipment location
  • Realign resources in real-time
  • Track and reallocate surplus and supplemental equipment
  • Manage equipment conditioning

eimagine’s team of developers, analysts and project managers provide functional knowledge of many legacy systems and procedures. A diverse technical staff is able to provide technical research, implementation, and support for technology at any stage in its lifecycle.

To learn more about how eimagine can help your organization, contact us today.

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