eimagine's Riley Child Life Tour Application

An interactive tour of medical settings and procedures for the iPad

Riley Child Life Tour

Reducing the fear of the unknown

The Riley Child Life Program at IU Health seeks to minimize the stress and anxiety children often experience in a hospital setting. A fantastic group of project managers, developers and QA testers at eimagine, along with a media production team from Scofield Editorial, scoped out a project with the child life specialists at Riley which aims to help kids minimize the fear of the unknown. This app known as the Riley Child Life Tour is designed to help children learn about an upcoming medical procedure and correct misconceptions they may have by using interactive maps, panoramas, photos, videos and sounds.

Under the guidance of a Child Life Specialist (who are equiped with iPads), children can use Riley Child Life Tour to explore the settings, people and equipment they encounter during hospitalization.

iPads in use

Riley is a leader when it comes to child life, so it is no surprise that they are an early adopter of the iPad as a tool for education and distraction in the hospital. However, child life teams at other children’s hospitals around the country are finding the iPad useful as well. The iPad is an ideal tool for use with children because it is relatively inexpensive, very easy to use and provides access to content as diverse as movies, TV shows, games (such as Angry Birds), web sites, email, Facebook and apps from Apple’s app store.

Child Life Tour App

Photo and video content included in the Riley Child Life Tour includes:

  • Operating Room
  • Interventional Radiology Room
  • Recovery Room
  • Treatment Room
  • Hallways
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Ultrasound
  • Chloraprep
  • …and more!


Interested in learning more?

See the app in action: Download it for free from the App Store!


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