Project Management Office Processes

Keeping your project on track

An Agile Approach

We subscribe to the Agile project management approach. Agile project management differs from standard project management procedures; it is not a linear process from start to finish. Agile is an adaptive process that has frequent testable releases and allows for true feature based development. Each specific feature is assigned as a task, and developed iteratively until approved. This iterative process occurs throughout the software development lifecycle. The result of this approach is a testable product throughout much of the development process, with additional features and enhancements added on a regular basis until the product is complete.


A highly adaptive blended project management approach


For project delivery, eimagine utilizes a project management methodology that draws from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Agile project management concepts, and feature-driven development methodology.

eimagine’s methodology blends these frameworks together to form an adaptable, effective, and efficient approach to project management. The result of eimagine’s methodology is an efficient, effective, and highly adaptive project life cycle and product delivery.





 Highlights of the Hybrid approach:

Iterative requirements definition and application development sessions permit flexibility in the construction of the solution allowing for significant productivity despite an environment where product features and requirements may be thinly, albeit progressively defined.

Our methodology places an emphasis on steady and incremental steps to quality throughout the entire project process.

The use of a formal and effective communication plan is of vital importance to ensure project success. This communication plan is based on a time-tested strategy that eimagine has utilized in similar projects for over 15 years.

Immediate Value of Project Management

Flexibility eimagine’s approach to project management allows for greater flexibility in the identification and completion of development items. Our clients are fully empowered to prioritize features that will best serve end users as well as the organization.

Identification of potential issues early Developing small pieces of functionality allows for more frequent opportunities for testing as well as feedback. In turn, potential pitfalls are identified early in development and more meaningful feedback is gathered throughout the process.

Greater Buy-in and Customer Satisfaction Because development is completed iteratively, stakeholders are involved throughout the development process. This involvement increases communication and allows for greater buy-in, especially when managing large changes.

Clear Product Road Map

eimagine works with clients to create and maintain a product backlog for each development project. This backlog is prioritized and iteratively mapped through the completion of sprint planning and groomed throughout the development process.  Reevaluation of priorities and requirements allows for more focused and concise development as well as a clearer view of the integral features of a product. By iteratively assessing the product and the addition of new functionality, a more mature and better thought out product emerges.

Importance of Client Interaction

A key part of the eimagine PMO process is customer interaction. Because the development process is iterative, it is vital that there is clear, consistent communication between the Project Manager and the customer to keep the project moving forward.

eimagine employs Agile philosophy to help keep our clients engaged during the development process. Sprint planning, sprint reviews, and user acceptance testing (UAT) all help facilitate open dialogue and feedback. It’s our goal to not only deliver the best product we can, but the product you desire. Click here to learn more about our project process.

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