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Arrays and Recordsets in Classic ASP

Classic ASP would appear to be a relic of the bygone past but there are still some of us out there who support websites built on this technology. For those three or four of you left, I thought I would share some AJAX and JSON functionality. But before I get into that,...

Data alone doesn’t make an impact, people do.

Collecting data is easy. But data alone lacks context. To get the full value of your information, you need human input and judgment. That’s where we come in.

We’re the missing link between your data and real, positive change in your business.

Invested, immersive partners

Meaningful insight doesn’t come from consultants. That’s like asking tourists to change city policies. You may get helpful surface-level suggestions. But, they have no incentive to make a true impact, because they’re not sticking around.

Our business model is built on owner mentality. We dive into the day-to-day realities of your operations, and we’re in it with you long after implementation.

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