Developing Workforce

  • Employing people who are willing to step outside the bounds of their job description, as well as providing opportunities through Training, eBOK, and Engagement Coaching, to promote career growth and development of career paths.   

Growing Market Share

  • Looking for more avenues where we can engage area businesses for additional challenges to allow eImagine to step outside our comfort zone and expand our customer base. By growing our market share, we hope to extend our culture outward.

Improving Operational Efficiency

  • We want to focus on being lean in our processes to combine all of the parts of our company that were previously siloed. By defining repeatable procedures that have been proven successful – like templating documentation and measuring utilization – we envision an efficient and scalable organization. This in turn allows more time to focus on delivering exceptional products and services and ensuring we are engaging our team.

Increasing Profitability

  • By focusing on our operational efficiency and removing barriers to successful delivery of projects, we will be able to realize greater profits and in turn provide more engaging activities and development opportunities for our employees.



  • We empower our people to do their best and strive to inspire those around us.


  • We come to the table with solutions and deliver on what we promise.


  • We engage others with honesty and open communication.


  • We foster teamwork and strive for continuous improvement.


  • We embrace our individuality and have fun as a team.