Agile Games are activities focused on practicing and improving Agile and organizational effectiveness using game theory. Game participants are able to experience complex processes and systems with a small time investment. This allows individuals to examine why these practices work (or won’t work) for their organization and share questions, experiences and considerations with fellow participants. Sign up for the newsletter here.

July’s theme was “Whose Line is it Anyway?’ where attendees participated in sketches that included the difficult personalities that can be found in any professional environment. Including, but not limited to,  “meeting-missers” or “behind-your-back-talkers. Our very own Matt Ray- also know as the host of Indy Geekcast, recorded a podcast of this past month’s session. Listen to it here.

 There is a lot of national or even global coverage of big names in the tech and geek world, but I wanted to know more about the people locally that were blowing my mind with their incredible talent, passion, and perseverance. So, I started the podcast to celebrate these people that inspire me and those around them to do better, be better, and think in new ways. Central Indiana is a hotbed for talent and not just the names we read about in the IBJ. There’s a lot going on here and I am hoping to shine the light on that.- Matt Ray


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