Keeping your records and data clean, clear and organized can be a time consuming and frustrating process, especially if you have to troll through each record individually to select the records you want to delete.

Organizing your records is an important job to help keep your system smart and easy to navigate without redundant records constantly showing up in your searches. But for most users this job is not a top priority as they just don’t have the time to deal with it, so it is always put on the back burner. The problem with this is over time your system will contain more and more useless and redundant records which can interfere with your daily processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has introduced a bulk delete tool which makes deleting records easy and fast, allowing you to manage your records without it taking up a whole big chunk of your day. The bulk delete tool is easy to use and setting up a bulk delete job means you can choose if you would like this job to be repeated at a set date again, which is a great way to keep you automatically organized without disruption.

Here’s how to set up a bulk delete job:

First, set up an advanced query to retrieve only the results you wish to delete.

Now you save your query results and click the ‘More Actions’ button located under the ribbon.


There will now be an option that pops up to ‘Bulk Delete’, click this to open the Bulk Delete Wizard.

In this new window that opens, you will be asked to define search criteria. At the top of the window is a drop down menu titled ‘Use Saved View,’ open this drop-down menu.

Select the query you created with the records you want to delete (to double check you have selected the correct one, click the Preview button on the left hand side).

Click Next.

A window will open giving you several options to define the parameters of your job, which include:

  • Naming your job so that you can easily recognize it (this will appear in notifications and logs).
  • Set a date and time for the bulk delete action to take place.
  • Select if you would like this job to re-occur at certain periods or if you would like it to be a one-off job.
  • Choose if you would like to have an email delivered to you to inform you when a job is complete. This is useful and recommended to make sure a bulk delete operation has been performed successfully, especially if you have chosen to have this job automatically re-occur.


Click Next.

You will now see a screen to confirm your bulk delete job; here you have a last option to change any parameters or to cancel.

Click Submit if you want to proceed with the bulk delete job.

You can monitor the job progress in the System Jobs list and when it is completed it will appear as ‘Succeeded.’

Using this bulk delete job tool makes organizing and maintaining your records simple and quick but do always double check your query search results as you cannot ‘undo’ a bulk delete job.

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