Educator Licensing Framework In Use

Originally built for the Indiana Department of Education

ELF was originally built for the Indiana Department of Education, in response to a request for a teacher licensing solution. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) wanted a solution for the tracking and management of the licenses of 60,000 active educators. The paper-based system in place at the time resulted in lengthy processing times and additional expense for supplies and postage. The IDOE requested a web-based solution to organize and speed up the licensure process from application through issuance and the mailing of a license to an educator. The system needed to work for both internal and external users; educators needed to be able to record and track their professional development activities, and building principals needed to be able to verify this information for license renewals. Licensing advisors at 44 institutions of higher education needed to be able to log on and recommend their students for licenses.

The name LVIS was coined for eimagine’s solution specifically designed for the IDOE: Licensing Verification and Information System. eimagine provided the IDOE with a custom coded solution taking into account their specific informational needs, including the use of a number assigned by the IDOE to educators, the School Personnel Number (SPN). The LVIS framework was coded to use the SPN as the unique identifier by the entire state’s licensing process.


Features Developed for IDOE

The web-enabled browser-based system included functionality for:

  • Applicants to create and maintain their own secured user profiles
  • Applicants can create one or more applications
  • Defining the application process into a series of clear, concise steps for the user to follow
  • Users can save sessions, allowing them to finish and submit applications at a later date
  • Secure electronic payments for one or more applications
  • Verify and authorize payments via a payment engine before moving to next phase
  • Applicants can view current status of applications, licenses, test scores, and other recorded information
  • Applicants can print any active license from any internet-connected computer
  • Applicants can view historical information on past applications, licenses and other recorded information

Immediate Cost Savings

The department also saw immediate cost savings by switching from a paper-based to a paperless process. The IDOE saw improved efficiency within its licensing departments, yielding a 3% increase in revenue as well as a 20% increase in applications processed with four fewer staff members. The department was able to substantially save on paper, printing and postage costs for over 60,000 licenses, and the staff members who originally processed the licenses were able to be reassigned to another department within the IDOE. The total cost savings for the State of Indiana is estimated to be over $210,000 in a single year. These savings continue to grow as the system continues to be used, as the department has no need to print and mail paper licenses anymore, or store any of the paper versions of the collateral used to verify the licenses.

In an economy where education can often be the first place a government has to make financial cuts, eimagine is proud to be instrumental in helping the IDOE see such significant savings.


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