So…it was time to upgrade and I took the plunge.

Background…I really liked my iPhone 6 Plus. I used it as most do as “makeshift computer” responding to emails, messaging, occasionally YouTube, and social media apps- mostly Facebook. I love the large screen and used the phone case wallet to hold my vitals: credit cards, driver’s license, etc. My setup worked fantastically. It allowed me to ‘do my job’, feel connected and not worry about where my wallet was vs. my phone. One stop shop…Then, I started having battery issues and my phone seemed to process more slowly. Oh, great! My setup was faltering…

I had a battery issue and my phone would be drained by noon, down from 50% to 20%. I made sure I checked the normal settings, i.e. background apps not running, killed apps I was not using, etc. I know there has been a lot of press about Apple and batteries but let’s keep focused on this discussion. I had to keep my phone charged as much as possible during the day. And it was mandatory that I charged my phone at night. No ifs, ands, or buts…it was a must.

As far as processing, my phone over the years tended to operate slower over time like my previous iPhones. Not end of the world, but I would notice it would take longer to open an app, install new apps, etc.

Do I like my iPhone X? Yes and no. I have only had it about 10 days so it is still new. Here is what I like and don’t like compared to my iPhone 6 Plus. I rated a like and dislike on scale of 1 to 5 meaning 1 means most important like/dislike and 5 meaning barely noticeable like/dislike and why am I even talking about it? Note: I am not including anything related to pricing. All iPhones are expensive. That should not be a surprise…


  1. The phone is small even though the screen is larger than iPhone 6 Plus. Since there is no home button and the top of the screen incorporates the front facing camera, it is a larger screen. I had to hold my old phone to my new one to believe it. It really messes with your mind if you are used the ‘Plus’ style phones. (4)
  2. I love the wireless charging. I bought 2 wireless chargers for home and 1 for work. I simply love it! Just plop your phone down and bam, it starts charging. Not that plugging in a lighting cord is difficult but you never want to go back. I am not sure why Apple did not have this feature awhile back? (1)
  3. Battery life on it is amazing! I went overnight without charging and it was at 53% the next morning knowing I had used it the entire previous day and night. (1)


  1. I am not sold on facial recognition. I will say when you look into your phone; it works 99% of the time. That is not the issue. I unlock my phone a lot of the time away from my face and did not realize it. This sounds ridiculous but I am either lying in bed, reaching for my phone from across my desk, etc. and my phone is not in front of me. So when the phone is directly in front of me, instant magic. Otherwise, it is a little harder to unlock. (2)
  2. With the small size, you feel like you are getting ripped off. It’s really not the case but it takes a while if you are used to ‘Plus’ size phone. (4)
  3. Killing apps in memory. Because everything is now ‘gestures’ without a home button, it is a little kludgy on how you kill apps. It reminds me of iPhone 4. Oh no, you say…but hear me out. You have to swipe up and pause. All of your apps are then displayed. You then press on one the apps so the dash button shows on all of them. You then can click on the dash button or swipe up to kill the apps. Once again, not end of the world but it does take time getting used to. (4)
  4. No home button and I sort of miss it. I have been conditioned for so long…take original iPod, old iPhones, etc. where the dial or home button operated the entire device. Now, you swipe up to go to the home page. It takes time getting used to. (3)

Overall, I would say I like my iPhone X. The battery life and wireless charging are game changers for me. And as we all know, change is hard but usually worth it in the end. Day by day, I am getting more and more used to the iPhone X. Have a similar experience or want to talk more about it? Let me know in the comments section.


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