In a previous blog post, I introduced the Assertion and Reason Question style; in my opinion this is the second most difficult Question structure in the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam. From my experience, the most difficult structure is Choosing Two Correct Answers from Five Choices. The following is a sample of this Question style:

Which 2 Statements correctly explain the purpose of Project Assurance on a PRINCE2 Project?


Answer Choice: Selection:
A Project Assurance represent the three primary interests of the Project Board including: Business, User, and Specialist Interests.
B Project Assurance works on behalf of the Project Manager and typically report to this role.
C They are responsible for examining Costs and Benefits of the project, ensuring User Requirements are being fulfilled, and the Specialist Products being delivered are suitable and fit for use.
D Project Assurance provides the Project Manager administrative support, ensuring the project can be delivered as promised.
E Project Assurance functions may never be completed by members of the Project Board and must always be carried out by a separate team of individuals.


General Strategy:

Typically, the best strategy for answering these types of questions is eliminating incorrect responses first. Most of the time, you can eliminate at least one answer choice, which increases your chance of getting the question right. If you can eliminate two, you only leave yourself having to select from three potentially correct responses. The question above is a fairly easy in terms of difficulty of content.

Based on the question regarding Project Assurance and its assertion that it works on behalf of the Project Manager and typically reports to this role, we can easily eliminate Answer Choice B. Project Assurance would never report to the Project Manager, mainly because they must be an independent body.

In this case, we can also eliminate Answer Choice D. This is referring to Project Support, it can also be eliminated. This leaves us Answers A, C, and E. Answer Choice E is false, as Project Assurance may be carried out by the Project Board, depending on the requirements of the project.

This leaves us Answer Choices A and C. Both of these answers are true.

Advanced Strategy:

The question above is fairly straightforward, most of these questions will be situational. An example would be explaining why a certain individual would be appropriate for filling a role on the Project Board, such as the Executive. For the more difficult questions, you may be able to identify one correct answer off the bat; then you can begin the process of eliminating incorrect responses. At this point, you will be required to choose from four potential answer choices. Remember, you must correctly select BOTH responses, to get the entire question right. In my opinion, this is what makes these questions the most difficult to successfully answer. I also found this Question structure to be the most time consuming to answer, so be careful not to spend too much time on a single question. If one is giving you difficulty, it’s usually best to mark the question and move on. Sometimes coming back to the question at a later time will assist you to correctly answer it. Other times, it may be a matter of guessing.

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